LEGO Creator sets feature three different designs so kids can choose what they build. | Source: LEGO

LEGO sets are always fun, but the freedom to choose your own design adds a new element of excitement to building. Kids ages 8 and up have the instructions to make three different LEGO creations out of the latest LEGO Creator sets. There are seven new sets launching this week, including vehicles, animals, and more!

Kids can get tropical with the Exotic Parrot kit ($19.99), which has bright blue, green, and yellow bricks. After kids build the parrot, they can also rebuild it as a frog or a fish with moveable legs and fins. Whoever gets kids the Adorable Dogs set ($29.99) certainly won’t be in the doghouse. This building kit features all sorts of dog breeds, including a dachshund, a pug, and a beagle. Kids who are looking for a more fantastical build will love the Magical Unicorn set ($9.99), which doubles as a seahorse and a peacock.

Even if they aren’t a fan of animals, kids can chill out in the Beach Camper Van ($49.99), which doubles as an ice cream shop or a beach house, or the Cozy House ($59.99), which kids can build into a house, a lake house, or an art gallery. 

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Thrill seekers can even get the Vintage Motorcycle ($14.99), which has three different styles, or the Space Shuttle ($9.99), which doubles as an astronaut or spaceship.

All of these new LEGO Creator sets will launch on March 1. With so many options, kids can spend hours building and rebuilding until they find their favorite design.

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