WWE Wubble Rumblers | Source: NSI International

Who would win in a fight, your kid or Iron Man? Find out with an all-out backyard battle against an inflatable Wubble Rumbler version of the iconic hero.

NSI International‘s latest additions to its Wubble Rumblers line of inflatable fighting toys feature characters from two popular entertainment brands, reimagined as 3-foot cartoonish punching buddies. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Wubble Rumblers Marvel Avengers and Spider-Man and Wubble Rumblers WWE Superstars offer inflatable versions of iconic characters from each franchise that kids can roughhouse with.

Marvel Wubble Rumblers | Source: NSI International

The new Wubble Rumblers WWE Superstars feature wrestling icons including Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and The Undertaker. With Wubble Rumblers Marvel Avengers and Spider-Man, kids can fight with or against Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, or Spider-Man. The characters are made out of a squishy, lightweight material that is more elastic than normal inflatables or bop bags. Also unlike bop bags, the Wubble Rumblers are shaped like a person, rather than having a weighted and rounded bottom.

The setup is super simple: Each Wubble Rumbler comes with an inflation nozzle, a clear hole on the back of the toy with an image of a nozzle above it. Gently slide the nozzle down vertically into the inflation slot and blow into it until the Wubble Rumbler is inflated, which takes about a minute. For deflating, put the nozzle back in and press down on the toy (deflating takes about two minutes). Be careful not to pop the clear seal with the nozzle, because it is easy to push too hard and cause a rip. The seal is intentionally made of a thin material, which allows the toy to lose a little air — for safety reasons — while kids are playing.

Once inflated, the Wubble Rumblers are designed to be thrown around, jumped on, or punched. Kids can smash two Wubble Rumblers together like giant action figures or throw them around and jump on top of them for a more active play experience. The material is super durable — mine was able to take the full force of an adult man and did not pop or break. They are also very light, which makes it easy for kids to throw or carry the characters. Plus, if you drop them off an elevated surface, they will lightly fall to the floor.

While kids should play with the toys in an open area due to the size of each figure and the active play pattern, the lightweight material makes Wubble Rumblers a safe option for indoor or outdoor play.

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These inflatable characters are perfect for kids who just want to have chaotic fun with toys that resemble their favorite Marvel hero, or for a family play night when iconic WWE wrestlers can join in an epic pillow fight.

For about the same price as an action figure, these Wubble Rumblers provide super-sized versions of favorite characters that are sure to offer hours of active, imaginative play.

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