Introduce little ones to everyone’s favorite bunny!

Miffy is a bunny character designed by Dutch artist Dick Bruna to entertain his son. The first Miffy children’s book came out in 1955 and since then, the character has been featured in a whole pile of other books, TV series, and more. Now, Miffy is ready to help little ones with the beginnings of exploration and play thanks to a collaboration with Little Bot Baby.

Little Bot Baby has two new play mats featuring Miffy. The Miffy Woodland Tales mat is a gentle blue with Miffy sitting comfortably in a repeated pattern across it. For more than just Miffy, the Miffy in the Park Mat features the character walking amongst plants, mushrooms, and adorable animals.

Little Bot Baby’s Ofie Mats are reversible and non-toxic premium play mats. Both Miffy mats are free from PVC, BPA, and other harsh chemicals and are easy to clean and roll up. Each mat measures 6 and a half feet by 4 and a half feet and is a little over half an inch thick, providing plenty of cushioning protection during playtime.

Get a new play mat ready to remind nostalgic adults of their favorite children’s book bunny and introduce a new generation of babies to the magic that is Miffy. The play mats are available now on the official Little Bot Baby store and from a number of other retailers.


These play mats feature bunny character Miffy, designed by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Each mat is PVC free, vacuum safe, and able to be rolled up for easy storage.

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  • $179.99
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  • 0+

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