Kids can learn about global food and cultures with their families! | Source: Little Passports

Little Passports, a kids’ activity subscription program, is collaborating with America’s Test Kitchen Kids to introduce the Kitchen Adventures line.

The toy subscription offers 12 months full of toys inspired by the foods and cultures of different countries and cities, such as Rome, Buenos Aires, and Beijing. Each monthly set gives kids the opportunity to learn about famous dishes, world history, and additional fun facts about food around the world. 

Sets include recipe books for kids to follow along with cooking instructions. | Source: Little Passports

Kids can also expand their foundational cooking skills, since the sets require kids to follow directions from a recipe book, make measurements, and pay special attention to the smells and tastes of each dish they make. While ingredients are not included in the kits, each of the required ingredients are easily accessible to families. The sets also come with kid-friendly kitchen utensils every month. Overall, the available kits offer more than 60 recipes from 12 countries, averaging more than 100 new flavors for kids to try with their families!

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The kits, intended for kids 7 and up, offer 1-month subscriptions for $29.95, 6-month subscriptions for $27.95 per month, or 12 months worth of kits for $24.95 per month at Indulge in these delicious, hands-on activities with your kids!

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