Kids can build outer hands-on projects from rockets to rovers. | Source: Little Passports

From the basics of astronomy and planetariums to the complexities of robot rovers, kids can learn all about the mysteries of outer space with a new Space Quest subscription from Little Passports.

Following Little Passports’ launch of the Animals Wild subscription earlier this year, the new outer space-themed kit just launched with 6 months of hands-on projects for kids ages 5-8. There are six different kits full of activities such as building a solar-powered robot car, a marble maze, and kid-safe rockets. Here’s a look at each individual kit.

Parents can select how many kits they’d like to receive. | Source: Little Passports

Glowing Galaxies (Month 1): Kids can learn all about astronomy, then build a glowing planetarium that projects stars onto the walls and a galactic light pen that guides a rocket, an astronaut, a comet, or a planet through them.

Blastoff! (Month 2): Kids can train to launch into space alongside a crew of kid astronauts. This kit will teach kids about the training astronauts have to go through on Earth, then guide them through building a kid-safe rocket that uses a baking soda reaction to trigger the launch.

Chasing Space (Month 3): This kit explores how astronauts stay happy and healthy during long trips in space. Kids can also build a cosmic marble maze and navigate through the an interstellar void.

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Roving Robots (Month 4): Kids can build and deploy two robot rovers to investigate a planet, discover how engineers on Earth collaborate across huge distances to build real-life rovers, and make a solar-powered robot car and a moving rover.

Alien Encounters (Month 5): Kids can join cosmic explorers as they discover alien life and compare it to otherworldly creatures on Earth, then create a glow-in-the-dark slime volcano, grow celestial crystal “fungi,” and make and move slimy aquatic alien “worms.”

Over and Out (Month 6): For the final kit, kids can prepare a satellite and radio home with news of their discoveries. This kit will teach kids about the science of satellite communications and how it helps space missions stay in touch with home. The solar-powered radio “satellite” kids build will be able to pick up real signals.

Visit to learn more about the Space Quest subscription, which starts at $24.95 per month based on the length of the subscription you choose.

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