The new line features fun little fungus! | Source: Jazwares/The Toy Insider

Meet some very fun guys!

Jazwares subsidiary Kellytoy — best known for Squishmallows — has released a new line of adorable collectible plush toys. The FunGuys Living on the Veg plush mushrooms are perfect for any future mycologists. Series 1 features 12 different mushrooms to collect, all with bright colors and even brighter personalities. 

Fey is a purple-and-red mushroom with a fluffy cap and a playful wink. For the more laid-back, blue Jeremy also has a fuzzy cap, but his expression is much more relaxed. Obie is also bringing a relaxed vibe, but he’s got a green body with a white-and-pink cap and beard. Maisey has rainbow swirls and big, adorable eyes.

Zeek can be a meditation buddy with his calm expression and reflective blue tummy. Quinn is loud and proud. She’s got a yellow body and bright, rainbow, fuzzy cap. Stevie is looking excited, which matches his sparkly cap. If kids need a mushroom buddy for their more grumpy days, Grimsby has a frown to match sour moods.

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Shmu is white, blue, and green, and looks to be in the middle of a mini mushroom tantrum. Luella has Maisey’s big eyes, but is all light blue fluff. Romy has a wild purple cap and two prominent front teeth. Finally, T.J. is ready to greet anyone with his pleasant smile and fluffy blue cap.

Collect all the Living on the Veg plushies now, available at Walmart. If it’s not enough, here’s hoping for a Series 2 of adorable ‘shrooms!

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