Kids can change the hair and outfits of L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Show Hair & Style Edition dolls! | Source: MGA Entertainment

Ready, set, runway!

The L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. dolls have always been super fashionable, but perhaps never more so than the new O.M.G. Fashion Show Hair & Style Edition Dolls. Kids ages 4 and up can style the dolls’ hair, accessorize them, and get them ready for the runway.

The Hair Edition dolls come with tons of hair-styling tools! | Source: MGA Entertainment

The full collection includes two Hair Edition dolls and two Style Edition dolls. The Hair Edition dolls — Lady Braids and Twist Queen — each come with all the necessities for braiding, crimping, curling, straightening, and twisting the dolls’ long, soft, and colorful hair. The set includes a wide variety of accessories, such as clear hair elastics, crimp barrettes, crystal hair ties, bedazzled hair clips, a beach wave hair curler, and a combination brush and comb. 

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The hair accessories are easy to put into the doll’s hair, and young fashionistas can style a bunch of different ways. The dolls also come with W.O.W. Magic Mousse, which is a real product that kids can really use to style the dolls’ hair without heat. When using the mousse on the doll’s hair, kids should use a little more product than they think they need to be sure the hair stays in place. Also, to ensure that the doll’s hair does not fall out or get tangled, kids should not pull on the hair too hard. The mousse is designed to wash right out, so kids can continue creating different looks! It is smart, though, to have a designated hair styling space and some clean-up supplies on hand so the mousse does not leave any mess behind.

Even though these dolls focus on hair, they also come with fun outfits and fashionable accessories, such as shoes, jewelry, belts, and sunglasses. When kids are satisfied with their doll’s hairstyle, they can prop her up on the included stand to show off her new hairdo!

Kids can show off the finished look when they’re done styling the doll, or put it on the mannequin for later play! | Source: MGA Entertainment

The Style Edition dolls, Missy Frost and LaRose, give more attention to the dolls’ outfits and accessories. Each doll comes with a reversible outfit, which — when combined with the accessories — kids can mix and match to create more than 320 different looks! Some of the convertible style options include a skirt that can be long or short, and kids can even change the color by turning it inside out. The shirt sleeves also double as legwarmers. Each doll comes with its own mini-magazine, a shopping bag, a doll stand, a hanger, a mannequin, and accessories such as earrings, purses, glasses, hair brushes, and more.

All four of these 9.5-inch dolls are super poseable for play and display potential, but they do need some assistance from the included stands to remain upright. Kids should also be careful to handle the clothing and accessories with care — There are a lot of small pieces in these sets, so a ziplock bag or similar storage solution is a good idea when playtime is done. 

The collection includes two Hair Edition dolls and two Style Edition dolls! | Source: MGA Entertainment

These fashion-forward dolls, which cost $34.99 each, are just one part of the larger L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show line, which is inspired by the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show movie. To expand their L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show world, kids can also collect miniature L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Dolls ($7.99) and the massive Mega Runway Playset ($90.99), which comes with 12 exclusive dolls and all of the necessary components for a full runway setup. 

Kids will engage in fun, imaginative play, and even gain some new fashion and hair inspo by customizing these dolls to match their personal fashion sense!

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