Each doll comes with her own wardrobe of accessories! | Source: MGA Entertainment

Looking for some sweet new fashion inspo? The latest line of L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are sure to give kids all the fashion tips and tricks they need for picking their next outfit… and maybe give them a candy craving in the process!

The L.O.L. Surprise! Loves Mini Sweets Surprise-O-Matic Dolls from MGA Entertainment are designed for kids ages 4 and up and feature clothing and accessories inspired by popular candy brands. Each doll is dressed head-to-toe in a look inspired by Hershey‘s Chocolate, Jolly Ranchers, Reese’s, Chupa Chups, Sweethearts, Twizzlers, PEZ, Bazooka Joe, Peeps, or Milk Duds. There are 12 different dolls in total to collect, as there are three different Jolly Rancher designs. Each doll comes with an instruction guide on how to access each accessory and a collector’s guide, which indicates if the doll is Popular, Fancy, Rare, or Ultra-Rare.

These are blind-packaged dolls, so kids won’t know which candy theme they’ve got until they complete the unboxing experience. Some of the dolls in this collection being rarer than others makes it even more exciting to open the package and see what’s inside.

Collect each unique doll! | Source: MGA Entertainment

Each set comes with nine different items: the doll, the Surprise-O-Matic machine packaging, an outfit, shoes, three accessories, a bottle, and a sticker. Unwrapping each individual accessory does result in a little bit of a mess, so be sure to have a garbage bag handy for easy clean-up! The doll’s Surprise-O-Matic packaging really works like a vending machine: Pressing each numbered compartment will dispense a new accessory through the door on the back of the machine.

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Almost every clothing item and accessory is unique, incorporating color schemes and patterns from the iconic candy brands. Some of the cutest accessories include a sweater printed with colorful Chupa Chups lollipops and the Sweethearts doll’s red skirt with mini candy hearts. The PEZ doll even comes with her own custom PEZ dispenser, which pairs perfectly with her blue, striped PEZ dress! Honorable mentions include the dolls’ purses: Each bag is covered with different prints, bows, and designs catered to the doll’s specific candy brand!

When the doll is all dressed up and ready to show off her outfit, kids can display just the doll on top of the machine with the included foot stand, which pops right into place. 

As with other L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, kids can also use the bottle accessory for interactive water effects. When they “feed” the doll and fill it with enough water, it will cry, spit, or tinkle it out. Since the bottles are so small, the water does not create much of a mess, but keep some napkins or towels on hand just in case!

Each surprise set is $14.99 — an affordable price point for all the items that come with the doll. Which L.O.L. Surprise! doll will your kid receive? Pick up a doll (or two…or three…) and get a sweet squad ready for the runway in the most fashionable candy-inspired ‘fits you’ve ever seen!

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