Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon gives kids the chance to build something new. | Source: Luki Lab

From monsters and robots to hot air balloons, Luki Lab is giving families a variety of new play options for fall!

You may already be a fan of House Monsters, the plush creatures that are full of personality. Now two more characters are joining the club. Blushy the bathroom monster is bright pink with a big smile. She does enjoy eating soap, so make sure to keep an eye on her in the bathroom! Whirly the washer monster is another pink monster. This one spends her time in the washer and enjoys seeing all the different colored clothes. Any kid is sure to enjoy giving these two the house tour. You can get your own Blushy for $19.99 here and Whirly for $19.99 here. House Monsters are recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

Luki Lab has a lot more to offer than just plush monsters, with new building sets on the way. Kids can connect paperboard panels to build an assortment of designs with new Pinxies and Dexor sets.

The Pinxie brand is expanding with the Pinxies Butterfly Hot Air Balloon and the Pinxies Star Wish Tower, both offering colorful builds. At 22 inches tall, the tower is certainly lofty, while the hot air balloon is a close and impressive second at 18 inches. Both sets are compatible with one another and feature the character Koral, who is always ready for an adventure. They also come with sticker sheets for decorating and animal toys to keep Koral company. Both new Pinxies sets are $29.99 with the Butterfly Hot Air Balloon buyable here and the Star Wish Tower here. Both sets are designed for ages 6 and up.

Dexor, the new brand release from Luki Lab, introduces us to Derek — a 10-year-old inventor with the hero name “Dexor.” He loves to build, and this set has kids helping him build a robot, a T. rex, and mini jets. A Dexor figure can ride inside each of the finished builds and all the sets are compatible with one another. Kids can also see Dexor in animated form, protecting his city, on the Luki Lab Kids YouTube channel. The Dexor robot and T. rex are $19.99 each, and the mini jets retail for an even more budget-friendly $17.99. You can get the Dexor Robot set here, the T. rex set here, and the Mini Jets set here. All sets are recommended for kids ages 6 and up.

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Pinxies and Dexor are both STEM authenticated toys, giving kids the opportunity to exercise their building skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Luki Lab is bringing a wonderful bunch of new toys to the table. House Monsters will keep your kids entertained in every room of the house, and the new building sets will bring some enrichment to playtime.

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