Using a magic wand, cast some spells and unleash the fortune-telling power of a Magic Mixie. | Source: Moose Toys

Pack up the old Magic 8 Ball, there’s a new — and much more adorable — fortune teller on the market.

Since 2014, Moose Toys has been a household name with its wildly successful Shopkins, but that hasn’t stopped the company from creating toys on a larger scale. After the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron won Creative Toy of the Year in February from The Toy Association, Moose had to take it to the next level with the line’s newer offering. And it did: The Magical Crystal Ball took home the same award in September.

Easy to open, the package comes with everything — including all 10 necessary batteries. The only item sold separately is the refillable mist, which is only needed after approximately 40 uses. (And don’t be alarmed by the smoke and the accompanying odor, that’s exactly what the toy should be doing, all to create the appropriate atmosphere for a fortune to be told.)

Included in the package are a crystal ball, a wand, and, most important, a Magic Mixie — ready for play- or bedtime. | Source: Moose Toys

After using a screwdriver to place the batteries, even before a plush Mixie appears, take time to learn how to use the wand, either by reading the instructions or watching some of the tutorials on YouTube. After powering it on, learn that each movement generates a different wand color and, thus, a different way the wand will interact with the toy.

Use the switch on the back of the toy to enter Create Mode and make sure the front gem is facing the user for the wand to communicate with the toy. When the crystal ball and the crystal gem turn green, and the toy emits a bell sound, press the purple spell button on the wand, which will move the toy on to the next step in the Mixie-conjuring process. Next comes the smoke show generated by more wand movements, then the green light and the bell are back, then press that purple spell button again. Many more wand movements, the green light/bell, and purple spell button, and finally the Mixie “magically” appears. Patience is required for this process!

Once the Mixie is easily unleashed from the crystal ball, this toy offers four modes for users to engage in: fortune telling, spell casting, games, and nurture. The included Mixie can tell someone’s fortune, just hold the Mixie’s belly until it says “Magicus fortunas!” Players can cast spells with the Mixie, play a Simon Says–like game, or tickle the toy’s belly and bask in the happy laughing sounds.

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The crystal ball is more than just a Mixie mansion. Kids can switch it to Night Light Mode before bed and enjoy the variety of colors as they drift off to dreamland. This experience can include mist, luckily only lasting for seven minutes unless someone re-engages with the action. After 30 minutes without activity, the crystal ball will turn off by itself, so it’s not a true night-light in the sense that it stays lit throughout the entire night.

While the fortune-telling options are limited to yes, no, and maybe, the magic of the Mixie experience is what will stay with kids long after its put away for the day (or night).

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Maude Campbell (Guest Contributor)

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