Make It Real’s latest nail art set keeps tweens from making a giant glitter mess. The set features a spinner that whips biodegradable glitter into a frenzy without it getting all over the place.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the set has enough supplies for kids to make more than 500 nails. The kit includes five colors of eco-friendly glitter, sparkle primer, a bottle of clear nail polish, a brush, and nail stickers. To decorate their nails, kids can attach one of the five pots of glitter to the Sparkle Spinner, put on some primer, stick their fingers in the pot, and let the glitter vortex coat the nail in sparkles.

Kids can make all sorts of designs with Make It Real’s glitter nail art studio! | Source: Make It Real

While tweens are usually able to keep messes under control on their own, this set ensures that you won’t be picking glitter out of all their clothes for weeks to come. Your vacuum will definitely thank you.

Preteens nails are about to be a whole new level of stylish! The Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio will be available this summer at mass market and specialty retailers for $24.99.

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