In Match Madness, kids race to compete a pattern puzzle the fastest! | Source: Foxmind

Are you ready for some madness? The newest fast-paced game from Foxmind, Match Madness, will challenge your brain and your dexterity as you race to be the fastest to create patterns out of blocks.

The game consists of 20 rectangular prisms that have two symbols on each of the for lengths and numbers reminiscent of a die on the two shorter sides. Although the game is designed for older grade-schoolers and tweens with an age grade of 7 and up, the blocks are easy to maneuver because of their larger, chunkier size.

A close-up of the patterned blocks included in Match Madness | Source: Foxmind

To start, each player receives a set of five of these blocks (numbered 1-5 via the die-like sides). The group then picks how many challenges they’d like to complete in the game and make a deck out of that number of challenge cards and place them face down. To play, a player flips the top card to reveal the challenge, which is a pattern that they must race to replicate the fastest using their blocks. The first player to successfully complete the pattern grabs the card and shows the other players their configuration. If there are any errors, the card gets put back into the center, and that player is no longer eligible to win that card.

Source: Foxmind

Scoring is simple, too! Once all of the players have collected all of the cards, players then count how many cards they’ve won. The cards are marked with different levels signified by a colored border — in the case of a tie, the player with the most Level 5 cards wins (if still tied, count up Level 4 and so forth). Then, players can shuffle the cards back up and play all over again!

With 60 challenges and five difficulty levels for kids to play through, this game is definitely not one that kids will play just once and then leave on the game shelf to collect dust. The game can be played single player or with up to four players. The instructions also include a quick-play game option that is perfect for those looking for even more fast-paced madness.

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Despite having “madness” in its name, this game’s simple, easy-to-learn, and quick gameplay will make it a hit in households over and over again.

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