A favorite princess for every kid! | Source: Mattel

Everyone’s favorite Disney Princesses, plus some lovely additions from Frozen, are getting a brand-new line of detailed fashion dolls from Mattel!

The Disney Princess and Disney Frozen doll lines will start hitting the shelves soon with dolls that feature brightly colored fabrics, detailed facial features, and designs tailored to each character. There are sets with fun outfits, side characters, and accessories, so any little princess will have plenty to choose from!

An impressive list of Disney Princesses make an appearance in the Disney Princess Core Fashion Dolls Assortment: Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Moana, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Mulan, Merida, Raya, Belle, and Cinderella. A variety of smaller versions of the princess dolls are also available with other sets and assortments. The Disney Prince Assortment makes sure the princes aren’t left out of the equation, with Prince Eric and Flynn Rider ready to be swept off their feet by Ariel and Rapunzel. 

The Disney Princess Ballerina Assortment features princesses all dressed and posed for the ballet. Color Splash Ariel has color-changing hair and a mermaid tail. The Disney Princess Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Adventure Set has the two characters ready to set off on a first out-of-the-tower adventure. These are just a few of the many options the new lines are offering. 

Some of the new sets have their own special gimmicks. The Storybook Sets all feature a storybook playset with little dolls to reenact favorite moments from Disney movies. These sets come in a storybook-style package with perforated pieces kids can pop out. With sets inspired by Frozen, Moana, and more, kids can get the perfect toy to accompany movie-watching. 

The Storytime Stackers sets, with one themed around Beauty and the Beast and the other featuring Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, are castles with dolls and furniture accessories that kids can stack to create a whole scene of fun. 

The color-reveal dolls include a mystery box element, with a series for Disney Princesses and one for Frozen characters. Just add water to find out which doll and accessories are inside. 

The ever-popular Frozen has a line of dolls all its own. The Disney Frozen Core Fashion Doll Assortment features Elsa and Anna, each in two different outfits. The two outfits are based on Frozen and Frozen II, so kids can have an Elsa or Anna from whichever is their favorite Frozen movie (or both if they can’t bear to choose!).

The Disney Frozen Core Fashion Doll Assortment retails at $10.99 per doll. | Source: Mattel

Everyone loved Frozen’s music numbers, and the Frozen Singing Dolls bring those songs to life, with Anna singing “For the First Time in Forever” and Elsa singing “Let It Go.” The Elsa & Olaf’s Treat Car set features a full playset with Queen Elsa and the little snowman Olaf ready to serve up delicious treats. 

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With all these options and more, Disney kids will have some magical new Mattel dolls to add to their collection. Whether it’s grabbing a set that features their favorite animal sidekick or their favorite princess outfits, the new line of dolls has a little something for everyone. Look for them in stores this spring!

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