Mickey Mouse Funhouse Wacky Wheeler Dump Truck from Just Play | Source: the Toy Insider

We all know a few drivers who get a little wacky behind the wheel and make you hold on for dear life. Heck, maybe that driver is YOU! Well, buckle up because you’re in for an extremely bumpy ride in the most exciting way possible with Mickey Mouse in the driver’s seat.

Mickey is giving Epcot’s Test Track a run for its money with the Mickey Mouse Funhouse Wacky Wheeler Dump Truck from Just Play. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this is no ordinary dump truck. This speeding, spinning, motorized truck moves forward, backward, and even upward as Mickey Mouse shows off his stellar stunts with some wacky wheelies!

The truck does not require any complicated remote controls, making it simple for young kids to control because all they have to do is press either of the two large buttons on top to set the truck into motion. One button makes the truck speed straight ahead, while the other acts more like a stunt mode in which Mickey might be driving the truck straight one second, but then changes his mind to put it in reverse, or decides to make us all dizzy and spin it around in circles, or even pops it up on its back wheels like a true daredevil. The movements seem to be totally random, which makes it hilarious because this truck moves FAST and you never really know which way it’s heading: It’s like it has a mind of its own! The truck also has a third button on the front bumper, which activates even more wacky actions anytime it crashes into something.

Pro-tip for parents: Make sure you give this truck plenty of space because you can expect it to ricochet off the walls like a kid on a sugar high. If you’re worried about scuffing up the furniture, you can always bring it outside to play on a flat surface, such as asphalt or a wooden deck.

Mickey Mouse Funhouse Wacky Wheeler Dump Truck from Just Play | Source: the Toy Insider

The Mickey figure behind the wheel is nonremovable so it won’t go flying out of the truck every time it takes a hit. Kids will definitely know Mickey is the one in the driver’s seat because the set plays a bunch of different phrases in Mickey’s voice, including “Hey there, everybody, it’s me, Mickey Mouse,” “Come on, we’ve got work to do,” “Me and my dump truck are on the job,” and “You’re a great helper, pal!” The truck makes other noises, too, including the rumble of a running engine, honking, and a silly falling sound when kids tip the dump pail backward.

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The set includes six plastic bricks and three orange cones that kids can use to create a construction site or build an obstacle course to send the truck plowing through. Kids can also load them into the back of the truck and dump them out for realistic dump truck play, aided by the sound effects. There are plenty of hidden Mickey details throughout the set that add Disney magic, such as mouse ears on the base of the construction cones and on top of the truck, as well as Mickey heads on the wheels, bricks, taillights, and pretty much all over the truck.

This truck is built for action so tell Mickey to put the pedal to the metal and go full speed into fun!

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