Whoa! Dinosaur-lovers can re-create safari scenarios from Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Funhouse series or go on their own safari adventures at home, with a little help from some familiar friends and a couple of sound effects.

Just Play’s Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Roarin’ Safari Dino comes with a large, 16-inch plastic dinosaur and three figurines. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck are dressed in safari gear similar to the outfits worn in Season 2, Episode 16 of Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Funhouse, which is available to stream on Disney+.

The figures also have several points of articulation. Kids can move each one at its arms, head, and waist to make the Disney Junior figurines stand or sit. 

Three figures and one dino are included. | Source: Just Play

The dinosaur itself is bright, colorful, and sturdy. It even features the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette along the tail and on the harness for fully immersive Disney Junior fun. Kids can move the dino’s arms up and down, and it has four free-rolling wheels on the bottom of its feet, so kids can wheel it around hardwood floors or outside on the patio. Think of it as a rollerblading dino! 

While kids push the dino by the tail backward or forward, it will sound like it is taking gigantic steps. The stomp, stomp, stomp noises come from the dino as it rolls.

Kids can put their favorite character in the saddle. | Source: Just Play

Kids can also place the 3-inch Mickey, Donald, and Minnie figures in the dinosaur’s safari-themed saddle. There is room for one figure in a standing position in the middle, while another can sit on the small plastic chair. The figurines are the perfect size for placement in the two locations, as your kid can swing the dino around or send it rolling without dislodging the characters. 

Your little dinosaur-lover can push down on the tab behind the saddle and watch the dinosaur’s mouth open and close, too! Each time kids push down, they’ll hear different dinosaur roars and even some interjections from Mickey Mouse.

This toy encourages imaginative play as kids can create several different safari-themed or other adventure scenarios for their figurines to work through. Kids might also refine certain gross motor skills as they stand and push the dino around or run alongside it as it skates through the house.

Although the dino’s mouth is lined with plastic teeth, the mouth closes slowly just in case someone puts their fingers inside. And if you’re looking for a quiet toy, kids will still have fun without the sound effects! If the toy is off, kids can still push the dino on the wheels, open and close the mouth, position the dino arms, and move the characters around the saddle.

You can test the sound effects before purchasing! | Source: Just Play

Since the dino is fairly large, it might be slightly difficult to bring the entire safari crew in the car or out for dinner. However, if your kid is still in the mood to explore they can easily bring the safari-themed Donald, Mickey, and Minnie figurines to any event or location.

Each component of the toy is securely packaged, so it might take a moment to remove Mickey and friends from the box. If you know your little one will be over the moon for this toy, consider taking the dinosaur and figures out of the zip-ties before handing it over for safari fun! The toy is designed for kids ages 3 and up, but younger kids with the ability to grasp bigger objects can enjoy the toy, or have fun watching their siblings play.

Disney Junior fans can watch the safari episode below to prepare for their dino play!

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