The Mindful Mazes Garden Pack features four nature-inspired mazes to help teach kids about breath mindfulness. | Source: hand2mind

Spring has (officially) sprung — and nothing says “spring” quite like the blooming of your garden. A little fresh air does wonders for our mental health, and nature often helps us feel grounded and centered. So it’s no wonder that hand2mind’s multisensory, tactile Mindful Mazes — which encourage mindfulness, self-soothing, and self-management habits for kids — pairs so well with its brand-new garden theme.

The Mindful Maze Garden Pack features four mazes that are smaller than the original for screen-free, SEL development time. The boards provide unique experiences to help kids cope, self soothe, and breathe their way through different situations.

As kids trace their way through the tactile Mindful Mazes, the different symbol teach them different breath patterns. | Source: hand2mind

These mini versions of the Mindful Maze have a cute garden theme that makes them perfect for springtime, plus they will help brighten up any leftover gloomy March weather. The pack contains two double-sided maze boards — one featuring a green snail and a purple flower, the other with an orange butterfly and a yellow lazy river — meaning that you get four maze boards in each pack. Each maze’s design features a nature-inspired breath pattern track that kids can trace with their fingers as they practice breathing exercises.

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Each track features symbols to show kids how to breathe through each of these patterns. The triangle symbol signifies where to start, and as they trace, they’ll feel the path expand, signifying them to inhale. They’ll come across a dot, which tells them to stop and hold their breath for a second or two, then continue to breathe out as they follow the remainder of the raised path to the end. 

The Mindful Maze Garden Pack features smaller mazes than the original Mindful Maze Set that are even more travel friendly.

The size of these mazes also makes them easy to toss into a bag and take along on the go. Stick them in kids’ backpacks if they may need some calming vibes at school, or pack them in your carry-on to help out anxious or antsy travelers.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been saying “kids” throughout this review, but at $14.99 per pack, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a set for your grown-up desk at work, either. It’s incredibly soothing and calming, proving that the habits these mazes help to build really are beneficial for the rest of kids’ lives. 

Practice mindfulness, build breath awareness, and form healthy habits with the Mindful Maze Garden Pack. It’s the perfect pick this spring!

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