Tiny but mighty. That just about sums up the collectibles toy category, which year after year proves its dominance. The mini must-haves rank high on kids’ wish lists, and often feature hundreds to collect. Lucky for parents, these small, sought-after toys are often affordable, so as kids scour high and low to complete their collection with every blind bag, rare, ultra rare, and limited edition item in the collection, it will have minimal damage on their wallets.

Some of these teeny, tiny toys are already flying off shelves, and hold a coveted spot on The Toy Insider’s Hot 20 holiday toy list, which is featured in our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Fingerlings, from WowWee, are adorable baby monkeys that wrap around kids’ fingers and interact with them to let kids know how they feel. Additionally, kids everywhere want to get their hands on MGA Entertainment’s L.O.L. Surprise Tots, a miniature collectible toy line that feature seven layers of surprises to unwrap.

There’s plenty more where that came from. Check out a few other collectibles that are taking the toy aisles by storm!

Animal Jam Adopt A Pet Cupcake (Jazwares)

The fun of National Geographic’s online game Animal Jam gets transported into physical play with these tiny pets that kids can adopt. Tucked inside each cupcake are adorable animal friends that need a home. Kids can mix and match their pets’ accessories to give them funky looks. Each pack also includes one game code that unlocks special content on the online game and on the app Play Wild! Now, this is my type of house pet!

Cabbage Patch Kids Lil’ Sprouts (Wicked Cool Toys)

This whole new crop of Cabbage Patch Kids features collectible kid, baby, and pet micro figures and play sets. Each of the micro figures has a unique look, with more than 120 to collect. Lil’ Sprouts are available in different packs and blind boxes in the shape of a cabbage. Parents, you’ll probably be tempted to steal these little collectibles from your kids, because Wicked Cool Toys perfectly merged the classic brand with today’s generation. Bring on all the feels!

Mash‘Ems (Tech 4 Kids)

Mash’Ems are the super squishy, super stretchy, must-have collectible that kids love! Each Mash’Em comes in a blind capsule, adding the element of surprise every time kids unwrap it. The collection is available in variety of a minis based off of kids’ favorite brands, including Paw Patrol, Thomas & Friends, Disney•Pixar, Pac Man, Justice League, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and more. Twist’em, mash’em and collect’em!

Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls (Sunny Days Entertainment)

As if a cupcake isn’t sweet enough, try a cupcake full of surprises! Cupcake Surprise dolls transform from a colorfully decorated cupcake into an adorable collectible princess. These dolls are available in the Original full-size assortment and miniature versions. Each princess has her own unique style, whether it is her bright patterns or bold colors. Kids won’t know which princess they’re about to unfold—each doll is packaged as its cupcake form. Talk about a delectable collectible!

Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack (Moose Toys)

The newest collectible line from Moose Toys feeds my inner sweet tooth. Pikmi Pops combine collectible, scented plush with mystery items hidden inside a lollipop vessel. Each plush delivers a sweet surprise, including a scent, a level of rarity, and mystery items. To quote the great Aaron Carter, “I want candy!”

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