The set comes with items that make a food court function, such as trays, condiment dispensers, and cash registers. | Source: ZURU/Walmart/The Toy Insider

Grab your friends for food at the mall — in miniature!

The Mini Foodies Food Court, recommended for kids ages 3 and up, is a tiny version of a food court designed to display ZURU’s 5 Surprise Foodie Mini Brands, teeny collectibles that are small versions of real-life fast food brands. The 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys come in mystery packaging, so kids won’t know what is inside each capsule until they unbox it. They might find a tiny Sonic slushie, a miniature order of White Castle fries, or any number of other branded foods from Subway, Hard Rock Cafe, Hardee’s, and more.

The food court comes with one exclusive Foodie Mini Brands toy that kids can only get with this set. Other than that, kids can purchase any other Mini Brands toys separately. The Food Court is a cool way for kids to display an existing 5 Surprise collection, but the court itself is also a pretty nice miniature setup on its own. Even if kids don’t have any of the associated Mini Brands toys, they can still play with other tiny toys in the space.

The food court doesn’t include food, but has plenty of space to display a collection! | Source: ZURU

The Foodie Mini Brands collectibles are around 1-2 inches long and the food court is sized so that the toys are scaled larger than they would be if they were real food on an actual table. If kids want to add some of their own toys to the court, a character about the size of a LEGO minifigure or a bit bigger could easily take a seat in the space. And the foods are perfectly sized for most dolls to enjoy!

Putting the food court together is a building project all its own. It isn’t too hard, but since the age recommendation is as young as 3, preschoolers will almost certainly need help with that bit. There are some small pieces, so I would recommend having a working area that is clear to make finding the pieces easy once the bags they come in are opened. (I nearly lost one to my floor.)

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If a little collector loves anything miniature, ZURU offers more than just mini food. 5 Surprise Mini Brands also feature miniaturized versions of toy brands and fashion accessories, something sized just right for a fashion doll to own.

The Mini Foodies Food Court is a great display piece for anyone that already collects 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys. It can also function as a fun play space for smaller action figures and dolls, even without the Mini Brands collectibles. Plus, with a price of only $14.99, it’s a relatively inexpensive choice to give favorite toys a new spot to play in.

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