The goal of this game is to clean up plastic waste. | Source: Adventerra Games/The Toy Insider

Everyone wants to help the ocean, but not everyone knows how.

Mission Ocean is a new board game from Adventerra Games, a Swiss company focused on educational eco games. WaterGame, its very first board game, had the goal of helping kids learn more about how important water is. Now, Mission Ocean is here to teach about plastic pollution in the sea.

Adventerra Games board games all try to teach kids about important eco issues. | Source: Adventerra Games

The game comes with four animal tokens, a ship, two wooden dice, four wooden disks, and 24 waste tokens to represent plastic pollution. Between two and four players can compete to take all the waste tokens into the ship, cleaning up the ocean. 

A portion of proceeds will go to The Ocean Cleanup, a nice opportunity for parents to talk about actual efforts in the area after playing the game. Additionally, the game box is made from recycled materials, and the pieces are FSC-certified wood and paper that are recyclable and compostable.

The Mission Ocean pieces are colorful…and recyclable! | Source: Adventerra Games

Other educational eco games from Adventerra include Polar Adventure, which introduces kids to climate change as they lead their animal token to the safety of a larger glacier, and Recycle Rally, in which players can collect recyclable material across a town. 

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The new Mission Ocean board game is on sale now on Adventerra Games’ website for $29.99 for kids as young as 4 years old to learn about ocean cleanup. Encourage your little activist’s love for the sea with this new game all about saving our planet.

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