Moji the Lovable Labradoodle is ready to cuddle! | Source: Skyrocket Toys/the Toy Insider

Looking for a dog without the dog drool? Want the ability to pet a pretend pal without mopping up pee puddles? Then you will love Moji the Lovable Labradoodle from Skyrocket Toys.

Moji is a soft, cuddly, robotic toy dog based on the real-life dog of the CEO of Skyrocket Toys. With the popularity of pets post-pandemic and the growing love of Labradoodles (or any doodle these days), this is a great toy that can give kids a lot of play potential.

Out of the box, the magic of Moji is that the non-gender-specific name that lets kids decide if their pet is a boy or girl. They will be in awe of Moji’s adorable face with the array of reactions because Moji has more than 150 unique responses to kids’ voices and touches. Tail wagging, ear flapping, and other dog characteristics give it an authentic play experience.

Moji the Lovable Labradoodle provides interactive pretend pet for kids! | Source: Skyrocket Toys

Moji has a smart collar tag that sports a color screen that displays animated emojis to express Moji’s needs and feelings, such as being hungry, needing to go potty, or being petted. For kids who are nonverbal or who have not yet developed language skills, this is a particularly great feature.

Kids can also have pretend playtime being a dog trainer! They can help Moji learn and display a dozen tricks, such as sitting and speaking. Then kids can get a sense of what it is like to own a pet, as they use the included bowl, chew rope, and grooming brush to care for their furry friend. Each accessory has embedded technology that Moji recognizes and interacts with to amp up role play and deepen the connection to their canine companion.

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Moji can be a great toy for kids who want to role play being a veterinarian, a dog groomer, or a pet trainer. It is also a consideration for grown-ups who want to see how their kids interact with a pet before making a permanent IRL pet purchase. For kids who have social-emotional needs, Mojo can be a possible aid for anxiety or help foster empathy and emotional recognition.

All in all, Moji the Lovable Labradoodle is a cute canine for any kid that wants a friend to cuddle!

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