Kids can go back to school with fun facts that’ll impress their friends and teachers. Laurence King Publishing is launching two new products that combine classic games with educational twists. 

Mountain Backgammon takes the classic game of backgammon and brings it to new heights. Families can go head-to-head using counters that resemble famous mountains from around the world. For $29.99, parents can teach their kids about Whistler, El Captain, Kangchenjunda, and more while playing a fun strategy game. In this rendition, families will use the gameboard, two dice, and 30 mountain-themed counters to win the game. 

Match women inventors with their creations in this new game. | Source: Laurence King Publishing

Ingenious Women ($14.99) is perfect for teaching kids about famous women inventors throughout history. In this memory game, kids have to find the matching pairs of 25 different inventors and their creations. Kids and their families can learn about innovators such as Leslie Scott, Marie Van Brittan Brown, and Caresse Crosby. 

Both games will launch on Sept. 12. Families with kids ages 6 and up can get ready for game night by preordering Mountain Backgammon and Ingenious Women on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book. To find these educational games and more, visit

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