Get ready to get outside and identify some plants and fungi!

Laurence King Publishing has some exciting, new offerings for science-minded kids, with books like Around the World in 80 Birds teaching about our flying feathered friends, We Dug Up the World full of archeology info, and A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky introducing a cat with lots of space knowledge. Hello Fungi and Hello Trees are two new books from the publishing company and author Nina Chakrabarti, making a great addition to the bookshelf of any little scientist.

Hello Fungi features the many mushrooms and other fungi that kids love to see after a rainy day, but might not know much about. With this book, kids will learn more about these not-plant not-animal organisms. The book includes a full gallery of different fungi, as well as activities and mushroom identification tips.

For the future botanists, Hello Trees follows the most majestic plants out there. It includes beautifully illustrated trees, information on identifying different seeds, and some hands-on activity ideas, such as growing a tree from an avocado seed.

Both books are available for preorder now, with an expected release date of Sep. 19. They’re written for kids ages 6 and up to enjoy and learn about the nature around them, so grab a book and get out there! Get Hello Fungi at Amazon or Bookshop. Get Hello Trees at Amazon or Bookshop.

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