The My Feelings Rainbow Fidget is visually stimulating and emotionally conscious. | Source: hand2mind

When kids are young, they still have a hard time regulating big emotions like sadness. Hand2mind’s My Feelings Rainbow Fidget helps kids build the tools they need to understand their emotions and safely express them.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the My Feelings Rainbow Fidget is a visually stimulating toy filled with liquid and beads that kids can watch flow between two clouds. The two clouds each represent different emotions — happy with a smiling face and sad with a crying face. When kids recognize that they are feeling happy or sad, they can flip the fidget toy to the corresponding cloud, give it a shake, and watch as the rainbow flows out. 

Kids can explore feeling happy and sad with this fidget toy. | Source: hand2mind

A quiet toy like this is great for encouraging contemplation and understanding of big feelings rather than acting on them and reminds kids to be mindful throughout their days. The toy also comes with an activity guide for adults to help kids build social-emotional skills. For example, as kids get used to the My Feelings Rainbow Fidget, adults can push kids to think about happiness and sadness and what those emotions look and feel like. Kids can also take quiet moments to practice deep breaths while exploring the rainbow and the emotions they are currently experiencing.

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Finally, adults can also help kids create a “choices board” using the fidget toy. Kids can use the choices board when they are feeling big emotions and aren’t sure how to express them. The board helps kids work through those feelings with activities. For example, kids can choose journaling, breathing exercises, quiet time, or playing with the My Feelings Rainbow Fidget. 

When kids learn how to channel their feelings into mindful activities, they grow into healthy adults. The My Feelings Rainbow Fidget is built to get young ones started on that journey.

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