My Squishy Little Dumplings | Source: WowWee

How can anyone resist the adorable, squishy cheeks on a My Squishy Little Dumpling?

My Squishy Little Dumplings are a line of interactive, collectible companions made by WowWee that are — as the name suggests — shaped like dumplings. To wake a My Squishy Little Dumpling up, kids ages 5 and up just have to squeeze their cheeks, which makes their bodies pop out from their heads. There are five core dumpling characters to collect: Dee, Dip, Doe, Dot, and Coco. Each of the 3.4-inch tall dumplings also has their own squishtastic style. 

In the box with each figure, there are two accessories (a headband or hat and matching glasses) that represent the different personalities of each My Squishy Little character. My Squishy Little Dumpling Dee, for example, is always rocking her pink bow and gigantic, bright-pink, heart-shaped glasses. Kids can dress up their My Squishy Littles using the accessories included in the box, or mix and match when they collect multiple characters.

In addition to the accessories, the characters’ interactive elements really showcase their personalities. Once kids squeeze the dumpling’s cheeks to wake them, The dumplings’ cheeks and the top of the dumplings’ heads light up bright red to reflect their emotions. Their eyes also blink with each squeeze as they greet kids in their My Squishy Little language. Kids can discover more than 50 reactions from the My Squishy Little characters as they squeeze, shake, and toss them around. For example, Dee yells out in the squish-pop language as her cheeks burn bright red from excitement when kids turn her upside down and shake her.

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These collectible characters are adorable and the perfect size for on-the-go play, but the fun doesn’t stop with the physical collectibles. Each My Squishy Little Dumplings box also comes with a QR code that kids can scan to interact with their My Squishy Little in augmented reality using a smart device. Dee, Dip, or any of the dumplings can roam around kids’ worlds, and kids can interact with the virtual dumplings by touching the screen. 

My Squishy Little Dumplings | Source: Wowwee

Kids can even watch the My Squishy Little characters perform in an animated music video for the (very catchy) song “Can You Resist the Squish.” That video is available to watch on Nickelodeon’s Youtube channel, along with other music and videos featuring the My Squishy Littles’ band, The Squish.

From the box to the screen, the My Squishy Little Dumplings world is one kids will never want to leave. My Squishy Little Dumplings are cute, pocket-sized, and fun to share! The line also continues to expand with new characters — such as recent additions “Mel the Marshmallow” and “Peace the Peach” — so the My Squishy Littles fun never stops.

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