The Whale Tonie from the National Geographic Line | Source: Tonies

Parents, prepare for your kids to have a roaring good time! 

Tonies are going “Further” in collaboration with National Geographic Kids to welcome a dinosaur, a penguin, and a whale figure to the Tonies family! 

The Toniebox is a screen-free, audio-entertainment system that features a soft, 5-by-5-inch speaker cube. When kids place various compatible figures, called Tonies, on top of the magnetic base, the Toniebox will activate songs and stories attached to that figure. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Toniebox is made of durable fabric without screens, sharp edges, or complicated buttons.

The Dinosaur (left) and Penguin (right) Tonies | Source: Tonies/the Toy Insider

While the National Geographic Tonies are designed to appear more realistic than previous Tonies figures, they function exactly the same. The penguin and whale figures feature a carefully curated playlist of character-specific songs and audio that introduce kids to important topics such as habitats, endangered species, and animal communication. Featuring animal experts on each audio clip, kids will love diving into the various terrains of these magnificent creatures. 

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The National Geographic Dinosaur is a limited-quantity Tonies, so little paleontologists will want to get their hands on this before they go extinct. With this figure, kids can enjoy 74 minutes of ferocious content that includes fossil records, dinosaur defenses, and geological time periods with the help of scientist Nizar Ibrahim.  

Each of the National Geographic Tonies are available on for $14.99 each.

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