The Neopets plush collection is finally here! | Source: Neopets/the Toy Insider

Neopets fans have been patiently waiting for the announcement of a Neopets toy line ever since JumpStart Games began to give a mobile-friendly makeover last year, bringing the ‘90s-era virtual pet website into the modern age. Well, the wait is finally over as Neopets, JumpStart, and Carlin West Agency announce a new collection of plush Neopets!

The first wave of the collectible plush characters feature some of the most recognizable Neopets and petpets, including a Rainbow Slorg Plush 4-Inch Key Clip in a Rainbow Paint Brush colorway, a Royal Meepit Plush 4-Inch Key Clip in a Royal Paint Brush colorway, a Plushie Snowbunny Plush 4-Inch Key Clip in a Plushie Paint Brush style, an Island Kadoatie Plush 4-Inch Key Clip in an Island Paint Brush style, and a Faerie Draik 8-Inch Plush in a Faerie Paint Brush style. Paint Brushes are virtual tools within the Neopian world that users can “paint” their Neopets with to give them a themed makeover. For example, users can paint their Neopet with a Plushie Paint to give their Neopet fairy wings and an ethereal look.

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This is the first time in more than a decade that fans could collect plush Neopets characters. Each plush character is embroidered with three stars, inspired by the stars on the Neopets brand logo. In addition, each plush character will come with a special collectible code that players can enter on to receive exclusive items in the game.

Starting today, the 4-inch key clips are available to preorder for $9.99 each, the 8-inch plush Draik is available to preorder for $19.99, or fans can preorder the entire bundle for $49.99 on

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