It’s been 25 years since Cranium started challenging kids’ brains as a party game that challenges preteens and teens in trivia, art, language, and performance all in one game! For the anniversary, Hasbro is teaming up with Funko Games to revamp the game and drop three new ones!

Designed for preteens ages 12 and up, the special edition of Cranium features new challenges in all four categories and 800 new questions along with classic elements of the game! The new game board also doubles as a capsule, so players can easily store all of the game pieces inside. Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $34.99. 

The Big Brain: Detective Game turns kids into mini Sherlock Holmes! | Source: Funko Games

Kids ages 5 and up have to put on their thinking caps when they play the Cranium Big Brain: Detective Game, a solo or multiplayer game in which things keep going missing. Players have to find items and solve mysteries and puzzles as they make their way across the 880-square-inch game board. The Cranium Big Brain: Detective Game is available for preorder on Amazon for $22.99.

Hullabaloo is powered by an app! | Source: Funko Games

Cranium Hullabaloo is designed for kids ages 3 and up and focuses on listening to directions, cooperation, and teamwork as kids dance, jump, and more. The game is run by the Hullabaloo app and has thousands of hours of play in store for kids. Hullabaloo is available for preorder for $24.99 on Amazon.

Hoopla upgrades and refreshes Cranium for newer audiences! | Source: Funko Games

Older kids and adults can also get in on the gaming action with Hoopla. This game features many elements of original Cranium gameplay, but with a twist: Players only have 15 minutes to complete the game! The game features 900 phrases to guess and 300 new cards, so the game will never get boring. Hoopla is available for preorder on Amazon for $19.99.

These new spins on one of the classic games of the late ‘90s and early 2000s are bound to be fan-favorites for a whole new generation of Cranium players! All four games hit shelves starting on June 2.

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