The heart-shaped crayon rings make drawing on the go easy! | Source: OOLY

OOLY is an arts and crafts brand with some new products for everyone, from the littlest painter to an up-and-coming sketch artist. Get crafty with the whole family using one of OOLY’s coloring books, water reveal boards, markers, and more!

The Color by Numbers Coloring Books feature an absolutely magical series of pages to color in. Kids can get the Mythical Friends book for some fun mythical creatures or the Wonderful World book to tour the world from their coloring book. The Scratch & Shine Foil Scratch Art Kits are the perfect start to enjoying scratch art. With themes like Celestial Skies and Glorious Garden, kids can create their own sparkling piece of art with just a wooden scratch pencil. 

The Hidden Colors Magic Paint Sheets will have kids in awe as the paper transforms from a black-and-white picture into a brightly colored piece of art. All that’s needed is some water and the included paintbrush! The Water Amaze Water Reveal Boards also transform with just some water. Kids can paint the reusable boards again and again, while learning about shapes, colors, and more in the process. 

For kids that want to make something entirely original, the Yummy Yummy Scented Markers and Highlighters are fruit-scented and ready to draw a full rainbow of colors or make studying more fun! Kids can get even more range of colors with the Pastel Hues Dual Tip Markers. Finally, the Heart Ring Crayons are wearable for coloring on the go. 

These are just a few of OOLY’s new products OOLY for kids who love to craft and color. There are miniature colored pencils, gel pens, watercolor brushes, sketchbooks, and even more on the way. 

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The new sets are available this spring at a number of retailers, as well as OOLY’s website. With more than 50 new products releasing, we couldn’t possibly list them all here, but the noteworthy additions give a great preview of all the fun supplies available. Get the little artist in your life something to express themselves with!

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