Teach kids the basics of coding with these kits! | Source: Osmo from BYJU’s

The Osmo from BYJU’s brand is known for its interactive STEM offerings that teach kids about words, numbers, and more. Now, the brand is adding a full set of coding kits and associated apps that can get kids started on learning the logic of coding.

To get started, kids will first need a compatible device. The iPad/iPhone or the Kindle Fire Tablet base and reflector will turn any kid’s device into a coding machine. Parents can purchase the parts separately or as a part of the Coding Starter Kit, which includes the full family bundle of three learning games and accessories, designed for kids ages 5-10. 

Once everything’s ready with a supported device, there are three coding apps that encourage learning! Osmo Coding Awbie features the adorably blue Awbie character who needs help navigating the world around him. Kids can use and stack physical coding blocks on the table in front of them to move Awbie around. 

Osmo Coding Jam gives kids the opportunity to create their own music using code. Arranging the coding blocks into different patterns will produce a variety of original songs. Kids can even record their music to share with friends, family, and safely with the larger Jam community.

Finally, Osmo Coding Duo is a bit like Coding Awbie, but this time with two characters to move! Awbie and his friend Mo need help solving puzzles to rescue lost pets. Kids can move both characters at the same time by stacking coding blocks on either side of their device. 

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These incredible coding games bring new meaning to the world of interactive tech for kids. The Coding Starter Kit is available now from the Osmo from BYJU’s website and other retailers, and all the associated apps are downloadable for free once everything is set up. Get your favorite little programmer a gift they won’t want to put down!

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