Kids can build robots using themed kits with sustainable parts. | Source: The Offbits

The Offbits is helping kids save the environment while unlocking their creativity! With a zero-waste principle in each product, The Offbits looks to provide parents with an eco-friendly alternative to keep their kids entertained.  

This new upcycling toy line offers kids ages 6 and up the fun of building their own robot! Each kit comes with a special robot character, vehicle, or figurine, as well as an arsenal of connectable and recyclable spare parts similar to what you could find in your home’s garage. Kids can use the special SuperTool Wrench for all their assembling needs as they build the eco-friendly robot of their dreams. Kids can also use spare parts that may be scattered around their homes to add on to their creations and help curb waste. 

Each kit offers kids the ability to build at least three models showcased on the packaging on top of countless other creations limited only to their imagination. Kids can craft the creative inventor robot in the ArtBit kit for $16.95; choose from more than 200 nuts and bolts to create their own space module with the StationBit for $59.95; or construct a sick, motorbike-riding robot with the RiderBit for $39.90. 

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These STEAM toys also help kids improve their fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Parents can purchase a kit on or Amazon. There are even more themed building kits available on

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