Osmo by BYJU’S combines physical and digital play. | Source: Osmo from BYJU’S

With only a few days left until Thanksgiving, toy companies are finally unveiling more Black Friday sales. Osmo from BYJU’S is dropping dozens of deals on educational products that combine technology and hands-on learning.

Osmo from BYJU’S’ games and learning activities bring digital and physical play together. Kids can use the Osmo Reflector to “read” the physical accessories included in each kit and transfer them onto an iPad or Kindle Fire! Kids still get the tactile element of learning, while elevating the experience using their tablets

Osmo from BYJU’S is offering Black Friday early access through Cyber Monday deals on playosmo.com through Nov. 28, with up to 50% off of the company’s products. The deal includes the BYJU’s Learning featuring Disney Premium Kit, which retails for $199. The kit includes 8-10 workbooks that challenge kids from pre-K to third grade to improve their math, reading, and language skills with some of their favorite Disney characters. The BYJU’s Learning featuring Disney Premium Kit will be 40% off on playosmo.com along with 24 other products, including games, coding kits, and other educational toys. 

The playosmo.com deals don’t end there. The website will also have up to $40 off 6- and 12-month subscriptions to Reading Adventure, a program for young readers that helps build confidence with interactive activities and speech recognition. The Reading Adventure subscription retails at $145 for a 6-month subscription, $295 for a yearly subscription, or $25 a month. 

Osmo from BYJU’S will also have Amazon deals starting on Nov. 24. These deals aren’t as extensive as the ones you can find on playosmo.com, but they are still full of fun learning toys for young kids. The Black Friday early access through Cyber Monday deal for Amazon gives buyers 30% off select items, including the Coding and Genius starter kits for Kindle Fires, which retail for $99. These kits have everything kids need, including number and letter tiles, games, a tablet stand, and a reflector. 

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On Friday, Nov. 25, another set of items will be available for 30% off, including the Little Genius Costume Pieces and Pizza Co. The Little Genius Costume Pieces, which retail for $24, have everything kids need to dress up their character in real life and on the screen. They just need to put the clothes tiles on their physical character and the clothes will show up on the tablet! With Pizza Co., kids can run their own pizzeria, including running their own cash register and putting all of their favorite toppings on the pizza.

Finally, for Cyber Monday, Nov. 28, Osmo from BYJU’S is offering up to 40% off on Amazon. This deal includes similar items to the Black Friday and early access deals, but also includes plenty of Osmo accessories, including the Osmo base and reflector for both the iPad and the fire, an iPad case, and a storage case

No matter what deal adults get when they shop Osmo from BYJU’S’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, kids will be rich with fun, tech-boosted learning this holiday season.

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