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Justice for math! The COVID-19 pandemic has created major disruptions in schooling over the past year, with math taking a big hit due to abruptly changing learning environments, loss of math retention, and parents’ inexperience to teach the subject at home as more families opt for home schooling.

Osmo is helping kids build their math skills in an exciting way as the company adds two new titles to its educational Math Wizard series: Amazing Airships and Enchanted World Games. Kids can play the STEM games on iPad and Fire tablets using the physical pieces that come with the box sets to help build math confidence and solve problems on their own through hands-on, adventure-driven games.

The two new Math Wizard titles are available now. | Source: Osmo

Designed for kids ages 6-8 (first and second graders), the first two titles of the curriculum-based Math Wizard series teach kids the foundations of addition, subtraction, and measurement standards, while the new titles dive into multiplication and division, addition and subtraction fluency, building equations, and analytical skills. Targeted hints are built into the games to help struggling learners remain engaged to find a correct answer on their own.

Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships features two games that focus on mathematical thinking. In the Airships game, players will build airships on their mat and test them in the skies, learning how to balance lift with balloons and weight with packages and wood blocks to make the ship fly. In the fully digital Clockwork game, players must use their fingers and counting skills to wind up a team of clockwork robots to the correct amount so they can move around the port. The set includes a magical board, 16 ship pieces, 16 cargo pieces, and 12 balloon pieces.

The Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games set features two games that teach the foundations of multiplication and critical thinking. In the Bento Box game, players can choose from five different sports and work to help athletes by packing them a magic lunchbox with the best combination of fruits. In the Juice Team game, elite athletes across four different sports will count on players to blend the right number of fruits to create a magic juice and win trophies. The set includes a lunchbox mat, 27 fruit and veggie pieces, a juice mat, 12 fruit strips, and a magical token.

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Families can purchase the titles separately for $59.99 each if they want to focus on specific skill sets or combine all of the Math Wizard titles (Magical Workshop, Secrets of the Dragons, Amazing Airships, and Enchanted World Games) as a four-box set with a base stand for $236. The Math Wizard games are available on and AmazonThe fifth title in the Math Wizard series will launch this fall.

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