If you plan on visiting Chuck E. Cheese this month, you might make some new friends! Your family will see various VeeFriends characters throughout the entertainment center as a result of a new collaboration. 

Considerate Cowboy, Patient Panda, and Selfless Sloth | Source: VeeFriends

VeeFriends is an entertainment company that features various animated characters brought to life as NFTs through Web3 technology. VeeFriends characters include Considerate Cowboy, Moral Monkey, Patient Panda, Selfless Sloth, and more. All 238 characters were created and hand-drawn by Founder Gary Vaynerchuk, and each character represents a trait or quality that he hopes to see in the community. 

VeeFriends and Chuck E. Cheese are both built on similar values like community, friendship, positivity, and kindness — resulting in a collaboration full of love. Both brands aim to cultivate a safe, positive environment for family and friends. 

The collaboration kicked-off with a celebration for Vaynerchuks birthday, where VeeFriends Series 1 Access Token collectors met Vaynerchuk, watched videos of VeeFriends characters, and played arcade games, similar to what Chuck E. Cheese attendees across the nation will experience during the collab. 

VeeFriends animation | Source: VeeFriends

Chuck E. Cheese guests can expect to find prizes featuring VeeFriend characters such as Notorious Ninja, a Series 2 character, and Diamond Hands Hen. Your little ones can also watch VeeFriends entertainment content, such as short animations, on the Chuck E. Cheese closed-circuit TV network as they play games. 

VeeFriends fans and Chuck E. Cheese-lovers will experience updated entertainment centers as the brand transforms to cater to the new generation, with new menu items, a new dance floor, options for active play, and brand new arcade games. 

As for the future of VeeFriends, Vaynerchuk plans to focus on more animation, children’s books, and products that help foster a connection between you and your chosen character.

While families shouldn’t expect new characters anytime soon, as there will be no new characters released next year, there are plenty to choose from now. Maybe you’ll see your favorite VeeFriend character featured in a collectible trading card game on the Chuck E. Cheese prize wall! 

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