Pikwik Pack Toys | Source: Playmates Toys/the Toy Insider

The four gift-giving animal friends of the animated series Pikwik Pack are giving preschoolers everywhere the most magical surprise yet — a new line of toys! 

Playmates Toys is launching a collection of Pikwik Pack-inspired figures and vehicles. Axel the raccoon, Hazel the cat, Suki the hedgehog, and Tibor the hippo are all getting their own toys, each including a small, magical package for little ones to uncover! For kids looking to cruise around the bustling town, the line also features Axel’s truck and Tibor’s train. Both vehicles come with corresponding Axel and Tibor figures dressed in their driver uniforms. 

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The figures in this collection are not sold individually, but fans will love the figure packs! Professor Hoot, Cosmo, Grandpa Grok, and Farmer Frances accompany the core four, making for expansive and imaginative play. With prices starting at $16, these toys are available to purchase now at Amazon, Walmart, and Target

Scholastic has also published a collection of storybooks inspired by the series. Available now at Amazon and set to launch later this year at Target, Working Together Is Better and Suki Goes With the Flow are a great way for fans to step away from the screen without missing out on any Pikwik Pack fun. 

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