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It’s aliveeee! Kids can animate their doodles — and then play with them — in a multiplayer video game from BitOGenius.

Pixicade is a video game design system that kids can use to create playable art. Users can get creative to draw masterpieces using the unique markers, then snap a photo with a tablet through the Pixicade app.

The special technology transforms the drawings into animations in under 30 seconds. Kids can then resize the objects, change their colors, make them rotate, use them to create moving platforms, add projectiles, and more to create a multidimensional video game.

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Pixicade is designed for kids ages 6 and up, helping users engage in open-ended play that crosses both physical and digital mediums. Users can create their own games from scratch or use one of the Pixicade books to guide their designs. They can play solo or create a multiplayer experience to challenge their friends. The app also features a Pixicade Arcade, where users can share their games, play games made by others, and compete for high scores.

Priced at $24.99, the set includes special markers, three books, and two QR Codes to unlock the app, which features 1,600 games for iOS and Android devices. The books feature more than 100 game prompts and 30 learning activities. 

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