The Play-Doh Create ‘n Go Playsets keep kids busy on the go! | Source: Hasbro/The Toy Insider

Traveling with kids isn’t easy. Finding new ways to keep them entertained on road trips, plane rides, and more is a challenge, but Hasbro’s latest Play-Doh playset is a great addition to kids’ backpacks. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Play-Doh Create ‘n Go Playsets have everything kids need to keep themselves creatively occupied on the go. There are two versions of the set: one with a cupcakes theme and one that’s pet-themed. 

The cupcake set features four colors of Play-Doh — green, orange, red, and white — and includes tools for kids to make their own tactile cupcakes! The tools include a roller, a cupcake tin mold, and an extruder tool that kids can fill with Play-Doh and squeeze to make shapes. The playset comes in a convenient container that seals shut when kids are done making cupcakes. The lid of the container is embossed with half molds, so kids can make even more shapes, including a rainbow and fruit. 

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The pet playset also features four colors — blue, purple, orange, and white. Much like the cupcake set, the pet set has half molds in its lid to make different shapes like a bone, a ball, and a dog brush. However, the set comes with different tools, including a roller, a pet-shaped mold, and a cat-shaped cutout. 

With the new Play-Doh on-the-go sets, traveling just got much more creative!

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