Play-Doh x Nickelodeon slime brings hours of sensory fun! | Source: Hasbro/The Toy Insider

Play-Doh was like slime before slime became one of the trendiest sensory toys around. Now, Hasbro is teaming up with Nickelodeon to design three new slimy sensory experiences for kids ahead of National Slime Day on March 17.

Foodie Blends combine two yummy scents into slime time! | Source: Hasbro

The Play-Doh Nickelodeon Scented Foodie Blends combines the sight, sound, and tactile experiences of slime with mouthwatering scents! Like all Play-Doh, the slime is fun to play with and not to eat, but there are several food-themed scents, including mixed berry, ice cream, cake party, and strawberry banana. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the Foodie Blends kit features two cans of slime with different scents, and charms to fold into the slime! Scented Foodie Blends is available for $5.99 each. Buy it here.

Waterfall Slime adds sand into the mix! | Source: Hasbro

Like the Foodie Blends, the Play-Doh Nickelodeon Waterfall Slime comes with two containers of slime. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Waterfall Slime is combined with sand for an exciting sensory experience as kids run it through their fingers and pull it apart. The container the Waterfall Slime comes in is also textured for even more sensory play. Waterfall Slime is available for $5.99 each. Buy it here.

The Super Stretch Slime Tub comes with 30 ounces of slime! | Source: Hasbro

The highlight of the Play-Doh x Nickelodeon collection is the Super Stretch Slime Tub, which has more than double the amount of slime of the first two slimes. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the tub features tons of stretchy slime to pull, squish, and play with and a textured lid. The slime comes in multiple colors, including pink and green. The Super Stretch Slime Tub is available for $14.99. Buy it here

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Nickelodeon has always been known for its iconic green slime. As slime experts, it knew what it was doing with this collection!

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