The set comes with 10 different containers of slime. | Source: Cra-Z-Art/The Toy Insider

Kids can check off the items on their grocery list with the Cra-Z-Slimy Mini Mania Slimy Food set. This slimy-filled pack from Cra-Z-Art combines the miniature food trend with slimy compounds to create a deliciously gooey experience.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, each set comes with 10 different compounds and two mini surprise charms. The slimy compounds are colored and scented to look and smell like different foods and drinks. Grocery Set No. 1 comes with Honey, Gel-lo, Spring Water, Soda, Cheese Crackers, Sweet Pickles, Peanut Butter, Slushie, Ice Cream, and Cake Mix. I received a mini charm of a doughnut and french fries with my set, but the charms may vary. Some scents, such as Peanut Butter or Slushie, are particularly strong, while others are more subtle.

Kids can create a fridge door with the back of the box. | Source: Cra-Z-Art

Each scented slimy comes in a tiny plastic container shaped like the container of the food that inspired it. For example, the spring water slime comes in a water bottle-shaped package and the sweet pickles slime comes in a jar-shaped package. These containers keep the slimy gooey and stretchy so that it doesn’t dry out. Kids can also cut along the back of the box on the dotted lines to create a fridge door that “opens” and makes for a creative storage option.

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It’s inevitable that playing with slimy will get messy, as it can be quite sticky. But getting messy is part of the fun for kids when playing with hands-on compounds like these, so just make sure to contain their play area away from nice furniture. 

Kids will love the tactile stimulation of all the different slimies, which offer more of a multisensory experience than an ordinary jar of goop. The small containers can make excellent party favors or Easter basket stuffers and the set is also budget-friendly, coming in at $12.99 for the entire pack of 10.

Satisfy kids’ appetites for stretchy, gooey slimy with the Mini Mania Slimy Food set!

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