Join favorites in the Hundred Acre Wood and up above the clouds!

Playmobil is well-known for its playsets that encourage creativity and the joy of playing pretend in kids everywhere. The company offers a whole pile of sets, everything from wild animals to fantasy battles. Now, Playmobil is bringing a little Disney magic to its toddler offerings with new 1.2.3 & Disney playsets featuring favorites like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, all coming later this month.

Mickey’s & Minnie’s Cloud Home has all sorts of fun to find. The set includes puzzle and plug-in features to encourage toddlers to explore and get creative with play. See it here: Amazon, Playmobil. With Mickey’s & Minnie’s Cloud Ride, kids can create a combination plane/train ready to fly in the clouds. (See it here: Amazon, Playmobil.) Finally in the sets featuring Mickey, the Mickey’s Spinning Sun with Rattle Feature means even the youngest Disney fans can find the joy of Playmobil, with a rattling set designed to encourage fine motor development. (See it here: Amazon, Playmobil.)

For the rest of the Disney sets, kids will head to the Hundred Acre Wood. The Winnie’s & Piglet’s Tree House has a whole pile of play surprises, with items that can be sorted into the treetop by shape and color, a hidden slide, and more. See it here: Playmobil. Winnie’s & Tigger’s Bee Garden is definitely going to cause a buzz! The set includes a hidden jumping mechanism to send bees flying and other fun features sure to charm. See it here: Playmobil. The Winnie the Pooh sets also include a starter set for the youngest fans — the Winnie’s Counter Balance Honey Pot wobbles back and forth and will always get back up. See it here: Playmobil.

The new 1.2.3 & Disney Playmobil sets will be available this Aug. 25. The line is the first license for Playmobil’s toddler portfolio, making little Disney fans’ wishes come true. The sets are designed for ages 1-4 and are made to encourage explorative play, fine motor skill development, and creative problem-solving.

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