Kids will want to stay up pasture their bedtime when they start playing with this Farmhouse with Outdoor Area playset from Playmobil! Kids ages 4 and up can call on the cows, put the pigs in the pen, and enjoy creative country living with this engaging set.

Playmobil toys, created by Hans Beck, have become a playroom classic over the past 50 years. With a variety of themed sets and play figures sporting the iconic smile, the sets spark imaginative play in various ways.

Using the three include figures in this farm set, kids can pretend-play farm life by doing chores, eating breakfast, and caring for the cow, calf, cat, and kitten. Using the wheelbarrow, kids can even moo-ve the hay bales to store them in the shed.

Grownups will be utterly happy to know that the set uses 80% sustainable materials—making it an eco-friendly choice. It can spark a discussion about the environment on our food supply or what families can do to recycle. With homesteading on the rise, kids can discover what it takes to care for animals and the land. Perhaps it will inspire them to grow their own garden, join a community-supported agriculture farm, or attend a 4H event. And, if your kiddos want to add neigh-bors, they can expand the farm with other sets for even more farm fun.

The set has a lot of pieces, making it best for stay-at-home play, but kids can enjoy it indoors or outside as long as its safely stored away when play is done. One parenting tip is to use a hard-sided lunch box to store the pieces, like the figures, animals, and accessories. It makes post-play clean-up easy! Additionally, kids can use the lunch box carrying handle to bring the set on the go and have a solid playing surface, too.

With all the play possibilities in this set, adults may want to tract-or it down sooner rather than later.


This country-themed playset features a farmhouse, farm accessories, and a variety of animal figures, including a cow, a calf, and a cat. Kids can create their own farm stories using these pieces and the three included figures. The set is eco-friendly, designed with more than 80% sustainable materials.

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  • $69.99
  • Age:
  • 4+

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