The Playmobil 1.2. 3. Aqua Splish Splash Water Park playset is designed to be used outdoors. | Source: Playmobil

As temperatures are going up across the country, water play is a great way to beat the summer heat! Playmobil’s Aqua Splish Splash Water Park playset mixes imagination with aquatic fun, so kids ages 18 months and up can stay cool while creating their own interactive stories under the sun.

This large Playmobil playset provides different aquatic environments and figures for kids to construct an epic summer saga. It comes with 16 construction and play pieces, which parents can assemble in about five minutes by following the simple instructions. These pieces add special features to the pool, including a water wheel, a slide, and a moving bridge. A few of these parts aren’t designed to permanently click into place, though, so be sure to keep track of the pieces during playtime and cleanup.

Once the set is assembled, it’s time to add water — turn on the faucet or hose and start pouring! There’s a line noting exactly where the water level should be, but don’t worry about adding too much. This playset is meant to be enjoyed outdoors, so spills just add to an invigorating summer adventure. Overall, the set requires about 1.5 gallons of water.

This specific set also includes three rafts, three human figures dressed in summer clothes, two fish, and a small octopus. To make the animals float properly, kids need to dunk them all the way underwater to add some more weight — then, they’re good to swim on their own! Kids can send the figures floating in the rafts and choose to put them in the center spot or the surrounding moat.

The water park playset includes nine playable figures. | Source: Playmobil

Another notable feature in this set is the water wheel. When kids turn the handle of the wheel, the water will start to rush, creating a moving river. The current sends the figures around the circle, and they all fit perfectly under the bridge, even when sitting in a raft. The little fish and octopus get sucked under the waterwheel, and kids will marvel as they magically appear on the other side (thanks to the power of hydraulics). Parents should know to apply pressure when attaching the water wheel. If it doesn’t click in properly, kids will have difficulty when turning the handle.

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In addition to providing plenty of play value, this set encourages the development of motor skills, creativity, and cognitive skills. Plus, to keep the aqua fun going, this set is compatible with all other Playmobil water sets, including the seesaw, the water slide, and the floating duck set. Overall, this pool is large enough to keep kids entertained outside for a while!

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