Tacto Doctor Set | Source: PlayShifu

Visits to the doctor can be scary for kids with all those strange instruments and sometimes even a jab or two. PlayShifu’s Tacto Doctor Set can help make kids more comfortable with those visits by giving them a realistic and fun learning experience.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this Tacto set combines digital and physical play through a kid’s tablet and physical pieces. Kids can use the real-life play pieces on the screen of their tablet (tablet not included) to treat patients in story-based games, learn about the human body, and develop STEM skills.

Kids can use the included pieces to interact with games on a tablet. | Source: PlayShifu

The Tacto Doctor Set comes with 12 play pieces — such as an X-ray, a stethoscope, and an ultrasound — that kids can use to interact with the screen in the free companion app. Kids can play games in the interactive clinic while learning about the correct use of a doctor’s instruments and what body parts to use them on. There are three story-based games with more than 100 levels. 

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The set will help kids visualize bones and other organs to equip them with basic knowledge, teach them about health, and build empathy. As kids play with the kit and get more familiar with the doctor’s office and the human body, their real-life appointments will hopefully become less stressful and more approachable.

PlayShifu’s Tacto Doctor Set is available now at playshifu.com and Amazon for $59.99.

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