The most important part of any Pokémon journey is choosing your starter from the Grass, Water, and Fire-type options. Now young trainers can experience all these Pokémon types with the newest interactive books in the Pokémon Primer series!

The Pokémon Primers books are made for kids ages 3 and up, and include stories and graphics that use different Pokémon species to teach kids about numbers, letters, colors, and more. In addition to using the fun of Pokémon to keep younger kids interested, the books feature physical flaps that little readers can lift to reveal even more Pokémon and Pokémon items.

The newest three books in the series will launch on June 6. Pokémon Primers: Grass Types is full of green fun, with favorite Grass-type Pokémon like Turtwig, Grookey, Grovyle, and more. It is available for preorder on Amazon and Target. Pokémon Primers: Fire Types takes kids on a trip to the fire station with Pokémon like Litten, Charmander, and Cyndaquil. Preorder it now on Amazon or Target. Finally, head down to the ocean with Pokémon Primers: Water Types. This book features Pokémon like Totodile, Wailmer, and Horsea having fun in the sun with a day at the beach. It is available to preorder on Amazon and Target.

Each of the new Pokémon Primers books includes fun secrets to discover under flaps, as well as helpful Pokémon name pronunciation tips for young readers. Catch your little trainer’s favorite Pokémon by preordering the books now!

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Bug Hartsock

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