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Gardevior V uses Swelling Pulse, delivering 200 damage and knocking out the opposing Pokémon to win the game!

Welcome to the world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), a card-based playing system in which kids ages 6 and up can go head-to-head in epic Pokémon battles. The latest Pokémon TCG offerings are V Battle Decks, which are available in four different styles: Victini V, Gardevoir V, Venusaur V, and Blastoise V. Each of the decks is available separately or in double packs (Victini vs. Gardevoir or Venusaur vs. Blastoise).

For kids who are already familiar with the Pokémon TCG, these decks will be a welcome addition to their gameplay, offering a full deck with new Pokémon to explore, including one powerful V Pokémon. However, these decks are an even better fit for those who are somewhat or completely new to the Pokémon TCG.

I won’t get into the super-detailed specifics, but the basics of the Pokémon TCG are as follows: Players each start with a hand of cards. Then, on each turn, players draw a new card, add Pokémon to their lineup, and give energy to their Pokémon. Once a Pokémon has enough energy (as indicated on its card), players can use that Pokémon to attack their opponent’s Pokémon and deliver damage. When a Pokémon gets enough damage, it is knocked out of the game. Play continues until one player knocks out six opponent Pokémon or someone runs out of cards. Throughout the game, players can also use other types of cards from the deck to improve their Pokémon’s strength, add extra cards to their hand, and more.

V Battle Deck components | Source: The Pokémon Co./the Toy Insider

That all may sound a bit daunting, but the V Battle Decks truly come with everything kids need to learn and play the Pokémon TCG, while the double-packs have all of the materials for two players. This includes a detailed instruction booklet that walks new players through the steps of the game; a card that reminds players what they can do on each turn; numbered tokens to help track damage; and a poster that doubles as a playing mat, which physically outlines where to place cards throughout the game and features reminders and tips. Once kids know the game well and don’t need the mat anymore, they can turn it over to find a display-worthy V Battle poster!

The V Battle Decks are also a great option for players who have the Pokémon Battle Academy board game — Simply swap one of the decks that came with Battle Academy for a V Battle Deck to enjoy a new gaming experience.

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While these V Battle Decks are a solid introduction to the Pokémon TCG, The Pokémon Co. also offers plenty of online materials for learning the game at, including a step-by-step video.

The V Pokémon are powerful, ready for battle, and perfect for starting kids on their journies as Pokémon Trainers!

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