Cepia’s newest plush line features pop art-inspired elephants. | Source: Cepia/The Toy Insider

Maybe we can’t pet real elephants (yet), but we can certainly cuddle up with stuffed elephants! 

Pop Art Soft Mammoth Elephants are Cepia’s newest cuddly friends. Designed for little ones ages 4 and up, these soft plush elephants are sure to be the next addition to kids’ bedtime routines. Made out of material similar to the brand’s popular Cats vs. Pickles line, these mammoth-size plushies come in bright, pop-art prints that prove these creatures just want to be herd! 

Just like Cepia’s other lines, the Pop Art Soft Mammoth Elephants come in a variety of sizes. There are three to collect — a 4-inch one, a 7-inch one, and a 12-inch one. Each version features a plush body with bean-filled feet and comes in a different pop-art print. There are elephants decked out in bright prints with different themes, such as popcorn boxes, Day of the Dead, floral, and more. 

There are many different pop art styles to choose from! | Source: Cepia/The Toy Insider

Because the plushes come with bean-filled toes, they carry a certain weight to them that others do not, making them the perfect toy for kids who experience anxiety. By placing the elephant on kids’ chests, the weight of the plush can mimic the feeling of a weighted blanket. Of course, the Pop Art Soft Mammoth Elephants can also be used as a comfort toy — their soft fabric makes for the perfect cuddle partner. 

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Ranging from $4.99-24.99, these soft plush mammoths are not only the perfect plush, they’re also affordable! There’s no need to ele-faint — little ones just need to head over to their nearest Walmart and pick out their favorite style. 

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