Purpose Toys is adding on to the Naturalistas fashion doll collection to include Black boy dolls that have flocked and textured hair!

“What Fade Collection brings to market, as the world’s first and only line of cultural action figures to celebrate Black barber culture, is our signature combination of flocked, rooted, molded, and gradated Black male hairstyles, and attention to the nuances of line-ups and the all-important fade,” says DeeDee Wright-Ward, CEO of Purpose Toys. “Through Fade Collection, we not only bring authenticity to toy shelves like never before, we also celebrate the comradery, the culture, and the brotherhood that comes with the Black barber experience.” 

The first doll in the collection is Greg, who has a short and neat haircut with a line-up hairstyle, which features a curved and faded look at the temples. 

“No more box braids for guys, sharpie-beards, plastic ‘surfer-hair,’ or complete lack of cultural representation over here!” Wright-Ward says. “Fade Collection is here to offer authentically styled Black characters kids can relate to and be proud of.”

The Fade Collection will be available for $12.99 at Target starting next month.

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Ashley Pelletier

Ashley Pelletier

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