Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise | Source: ZURU

ZURU is getting ready for a sweet Rainbocorns reveal!

This Wednesday, the toymaker behind Vlad & Niki Superhero Surprise, 5 Surprise, and Bunch O Balloons will introduce Rainbocorns Jelly Shake Surprise at the Toy Insider’s EPIC Sweet Suite @ Home event! ZURU will reveal the new Rainbocorns (which hit stores next month!) at 10 a.m. EST. During Sweet Suite, attendees will have a chance to win a full set!

Additionally, ZURU released two more Rainbocorns series this month: Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise and Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise. Check out the details below!

Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise | Source: ZURU

Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise

Kids begin the magical Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise experience begins with wearable fairy wings found on the packaging itself. The fairy surprises continue as kids unbox a magical fairy glitter heart, color-changing Rainbocorn poop, Boo-Boocorn egg, stickers, and a collector’s guide. Inside the egg kids will find one of seven Fairycorns characters, including Kittycorn, Unicorn, Bunnycorn, Owlcorn, Poodlecorn, and the rare Golden Hippocorn.

Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise | Source: ZURU

Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise

Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise characters come packed in a bright teal reusable egg sporting puppy ears. The pup-focused unboxing experience reveals Puppycorn plush characters, scratch n’ reveal hearts, scratch’ n’ sniff stickers, Boo-Boocorn Puppies & collectible eggs, Puppycorn poop, and collectors guide. Kids will find one of seven new characters to collect, including a Dachshund, Pug, Dalmatian, Poodle, Labrador, Husky, and the rare ‘best in show’ Show Bulldog.

Rainbocorns Jelly Shake Surprise

Rainbocorns Jelly Shake Surprise characters feature “giggle-tastic technology” that powers cute sounds, music, and sing and repeat. With one squeeze of the paw, hear Rainbocorns sing a sweet melody. Kids can squeeze twice to hear Rainbocorns speak and repeat. Each Jelly Shake Surprise character comes packed in ice cream shake-shaped packaging with a famous jelly heart. A DIY jelly experience is part of the fun as kids make hair clips and rings by mixing jelly and glitter and then set them in molds.

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Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise and Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise toys are available this month while the Rainbocorns Jelly Shake Surprise assortment is set to hit stores next month.

If you can’t wait to see more Rainbocorns, check out new videos at the ZURU website!

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