Sago Mini School’s “About Me” Feature | Source: Sago Mini School/the Toy Insider

The pandemic has kept kids cooped up inside their homes, but Sago Mini School is integrating a new feature to help with social interaction and social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. 

Sago Mini School is a learning platform created with child development experts that helps build early reading, math, sciences, and problem-solving through activities and content released on a monthly basis. Users can purchase a subscription and download an app to access educational games featuring different topics.

This month, Sago Mini School will introduce a new topic to its activities: About Me. Kids can be the stars of the show by using the Character Creator to create virtual versions of themselves. The Sago Mini team has made sure to make the Character Creator inclusive with 12 skin tone options and a variety of personal features such as freckles, wheelchairs, and hairstyles. By creating their characters, preschoolers can learn more about themselves as well as the value of diversity and celebrating our differences. The About Me topic is about more than just self-discovery. Kids can engage in educational activities that help them develop SEL skills, gain self-awareness, identify emotions, and practice empathy. 

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Sago Mini School encourages curiosity-led learning by helping preschoolers practice literary, science, creativity, problem-solving, and math skills related to topics they are actually interested in, such as bugs, rainbows, and firefighters. Parents can track their kids’ learning milestones with the free Sago Mini Parents app to receive daily highlights of their kids’ creations sent directly from their device, discover printable worksheets, offline activity ideas, and more. The About Me feature will officially join these educational topics on Jan. 27.

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