Click. Tsss. Zip. Skkk. Snap. 

You may be new to the world of ASMR, or don’t know what the heck your kids mean when they keep saying it. ~Scientifically speaking~, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is really just a fancy way of saying that your body responds to these auditory and visual stimuli in a positive way.

ASMR has sparked millions of YouTube videos and hashtags all over Instagram that many people listen to and watch for relaxing and destressing. And, with Just Play‘s new line of Sensory FX ASMR-themed toys and collectibles, kids can make and get that satisfying feeling anytime, anywhere.

These sensory fidget toys are made for kids ages 4 and up and have various textures to activate different sounds, so kids can really get their creative juices flowin’. I love how some of these items even act as collectibles — you can open an item with a different texture — and the unboxing experience adds even more layers.

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Sensory FX ASMR Bars

With Sensory FX ASMR Bars, play begins with the unboxing with three layers to unwrap. These are packaged like a candy bar, so rip the thick paper open. Then, tear apart the plastic for a crisp zipping noise, and then open the foil like a present to reveal the surprise bar you received.

There are 10 sensory bars to collect, including Zipper, Bump, Roll, Tread, Gear, Rip, Pull, Button, Wave, and Nub. At just under $3 per piece, these make a really affordable way for kids to add to their collections. And, like any other collectible, each comes with a collector’s guide to check off what they have.

Each bar has its own tactile and acoustic experience, like pressing buttons that look like a video game controller, endlessly rolling wheels, and pressing switches on and off. Connect the bars together to create a customized sensory board and activate unique sounds.

I could probably sit here and zip and unzip my Zipper bar all day, but then I wouldn’t be able to finish this review!


Sensory FX ASMR Pods

Like the sensory bars, kids will open up these ASMR pods in layers. Peel the shrink wrap, twist the blister pack, and unravel what feels like a streamer to reveal one of 10 handheld, oval-shaped devices, including the Ball, Whirl, Grind, Tread, Spin, Sift, Extend, Roll, Pop, and Swivel.

Kids can pull, push, twist, flip, and more to activate the satisfying sounds from each pod, and if you’re like me, it makes for a great fidget toy to keep right next to you. The ASMR pods also come with a collector’s guide, and each is the perfect size to slip into your pocket to bring with you everywhere.


Sensory FX ASMR Recorder Cube

So now that we have the basics of how to play with our fidget toys and what they do, what comes next? Now it’s time to actually personalize and customize your play experience! First up is the Recorder Cube, which will help you mix your own beats using all of your new, shiny ASMR tools.

The Recorder Cube comes with five panels that have ASMR features and fold out, and an additional one with a removable recorder. Lay the cube flat in order to have all of the panels in front of you, or keep it in its cube form if that’s more of your jam. Then, kids can press the record button and make endless combinations of sounds with one of the seven ASMR features, like buttons, textured bars, and switches.

The recording plays back loud and captures all of your spine-tingling sounds. The cube is small enough for kids to throw into a bag and take it on the go, giving kids a true all-in-one sensory experience.

Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar

The grand finale is the Mega Bar, which will also help you to rock out to your personalized clip of ASMR goodness.

The Mega Bar comes with two exclusive sensory bars — Create and Click — two activator picks, and a microphone with its stand. Kids will become their own sound engineers — or can make their own digital content and become the star of their own YouTube video — by making their own sounds, producing slow and fast rhythmic patterns, and changing the movement and speed, and strumming the sensory bars. Kids can tap the drum pads to make their own beats and use the soundboard’s volume and pitch shifter. It also has a headphone jack to listen to the playbacks quietly.

The best part about the Mega Bar is that kids can attach their other Sensory FX ASMR Bars to the device — creating and customizing it to look however they want!

ASMR is like a snowflake: no two stimuli will give people the same, satisfying, and soothing experience. So, go ahead and collect, connect, and listen to get the ultimate ASMR experience with Sensory FX!

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