Sesame Street and Headspace have made a new podcast, ‘Goodnight, World!’ | Source: Sesame Street

The process of “winding down” is often a difficult journey for kids and parents alike. But coming this month, Sesame Street and Headspace have created a new solution that can make sleep-time easier.

Goodnight, World! is a new podcast launching on June 13 with the sole purpose of making bedtime easier for both parents and kids. The podcast is developed by a team of early childhood and meditation experts to ensure the best experience for little listeners.

Each episode is narrated by a fuzzy friend from Sesame Street who will help listeners wind down from active time to sleep time. Meditative and soothing music will play in the background, and ambiance will bring kids to their favorite places on Sesame Street, such as Big Bird’s Nest or Abby Cadabby’s fairy garden.

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The episodes are structured to follow families through a typical nighttime routine, providing support every step of the way. In the beginning, the Sesame Street cast models feelings of reluctance that some kids might experience when it’s time to sleep. However, they learn how to practice mindfulness and meditations to slowly relax. They use methods such as belly breathing, visualizations, and affirming self-talk. This will make kids feel more independent and comfortable during the transition from waking time to bedtime. By the end of each episode, everyone is ready to say goodnight to the outside world and focus on restful routines before ultimately falling asleep.

Goodnight, World! will be available on all major podcast distribution channels with weekly episodes releasing every Sunday through August 29.

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